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Brian Michaels

104.3 KZLT Morning Show

6:00am - 9:00am


Brian Michaels Survey

Brian's favorite movie- I bounce between, The Shawshank Redemption and Godfather 1 or 2. Did you know that Shawshank lost best picture to Forest Gump. Of late I have been quoting Shawshank daily, another nugget about Shawshank: Stephen King short story originally titled "Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption" 

Brian's favorite food- it would have to be: know Beef It's What's for Dinner..I would be exiled from ND if I were to say Tofu. 

Brian's favorite music- Anything Taylor Swift - she is an angel sent from heaven. 

How Brian spends his free time-  I golf, and sometimes I will get lost in thoughts of going to the gym, all the while not actually going. I admit I watch too much tv. This might be a bit of an over share, but I have watched and entire season of Jersey Shore. No need for a season after the first one, it jumped the shark after the first episode. I learned my lesson. 

If Brian were an animal- I would want to be something that lives a long life like a tortoise, but they are slow and don't have exciting lives and the thought of tortoise me being at some reptile farm when I am 100 years old and kids riding me for a $1.00 doesn't sound fun. One has to give great thought about this, you don't want to pick an animal that there is a season for, that is why duck never gets mentioned. I don't know how long eagles live but I think that would be the best option, the views always moving seeing new things. Plus, images of the eagle are everywhere, on money flags...yep it is settled an eagle.