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Brian Michaels & Ally Banks

104.3 KZLT Morning Show

6:00am - 9:00am


Brian_and_Ali_Banner.jpgBrian Michaels

Program Director/Mornings with Ally Banks Monday-Friday 6am-10am

Rugby, ND (undisputed geographical center of North America) is where I got my first radio job, it was at KZZJ 1450 AM (still there).  It was mid December 1986, that first air shift I was so nervous, every talk break I made a mistake, it was awful.  It has gotten somewhat better since then.  Other stops on the radio tour include: Grand Forks, ND/ Minneapolis, MN/Austin, TX (46 days).

Growing up I always had the radio on, mostly for sports the Twins, North Stars and Vikings.  I also called radio stations constantly as a child, what a bother I was, I see that now.  It was no surprise to my friends that I would be on the radio.  I was just drawn to it. 

Funny radio story:  While working in Rugby, ND, I woke to the sound of people talking and the general ambience a crowd makes.  It occurred to me that the broadcast from our local Lutheran church had ended, roughly a half hour prior.  I had fallen asleep.  I was overwhelmed with panic, I quickly cued a record and potted it up.  So for roughly a half hour KZZJ listeners enjoyed the sounds of people talking after church.  I stared at the studio phone the rest of the shift.  The statute of limitations has come and gone on this blunder.

Spring and summer are wonderful on the prairie, but I do enjoy the winter.  Maybe it’s the challenge that Mother Nature presents.  Winters are no picnic here, really more of a test.  Oh and also the Fighting Hawks (still not used to that) hockey team plays it’s games at Ralph Engelstad Arena.   TV favorites include: Game of Thrones, Discovery Gold Rush, and the Walking Dead to name a few. 


Ally Banks

Mornings with Brian Michaels Monday-Friday 6am-10am

Hometown: New Berlin, WI (Go Pack Go!)

High School: New Berlin West High (Mascot - Vikings (Ugh)

College: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Spouse: Mark (SWELL guy)

Kids: Connor - 21, UND Student and Paul - 17, Central Knight

Worst Job Ever: Cold calling for Telecommunications (ick)

Hobbies: Fitness, movies, laundry, stain removal, dust collector

Pets: Sophie (Golden), Tessa (Pomapoo AKA "Trainwreck"), Kiki (overweight cat), Fancy (very overweight cat)

Favorite Food: Eggo with Jif Chunky Peanut Butter smothered in Maple Syrup