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Haley Jo

Hometown: Halstad, MN. Walk a mile and you’d be in North Dakota. It’s a really small town with less than 500 people in it.

High School: Norman County West. This school year may be the last year it’s open, which is really sad! I think once the High School closes, the town will be pretty much empty.

College: Minnesota State University Moorhead. Major: Broadcast Journalism. Minor: Mass Communications. I took a lot of extra credits to graduate a year early to save money, but sometimes I think I missed the college experience because I was so busy. However, I did meet the most amazing people that I still consider my best friends, so I didn’t miss out too much! J

Jobs: I was an Intern at Froggy 99.9 in Fargo right before I took this job. While being a intern, I was a Resident Assistant at MSUM and a customer service rep at US Bank. I worked a lot!

What surprised you about radio: How it’s not just what you do on-air, it’s what you have to do on social media and events to show your personality and reach more of an audience.

Netflix: My favorite show on Netflix will always be “The Office”! If they take it off Netflix, I will be very upset! PS: My Favorite TV show to watch on real TV would be “Impractical Jokers”! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!